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Medieval Time Dinner Show

Medieval Times LogoMedieval Times Dinner & Tournament is more than a dinner attraction - it's a window in time where the glory, chivalry, and honor burst to life in authentic tournament action. This show is North America's longest running and most popular dinner attraction. During each live performance, castle guests enjoy an authentic medieval feast while the grandeur of a centuries old tournament comes to life. Guests are transported to faraway lands including a romantic snowy rendezvous in the woods and an authentic medieval tournament-with the help of Hollywood caliber special effects- in an all new show.

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is an evening of quality, family entertainment inspired by 11th century history while enjoying a medieval banquet while six knights compete astride Andalusian stallions. Lances splinter against shields of steel, broad swords spark and champion emerges. The entire family will have "A Knight to Remember!".

With clockwork precision, legions of serving wenches and serfs deliver four courses to hungry guests in minutes. Your Medieval Times Ticket includes a meal that begins with savory garlic bread and a steaming hot tomato bisque soup ladled into pewter bowls: then come roasted chicken, spare rib, herb basted potato and pastry of the Castle. Two rounds of beverages and coffee are included with the feast. Cash bar service is also available throughout the show. To the special delight of the guests, the feast is served "medieval style" - without silverware, but with plenty of extra napkins.

For more information on making Medieval Times part of your Orlando vacation plans, contact our vacation specialist from Florida Ticket Station at 800-701-7217.

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